Nylon Churn Brush
  • Nylon Churn Brush
  • Nylon Churn Brush

Nylon Churn Brush

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Nylon churn brushes are used for finishing lime pointing

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Churn brushes are used for finishing lime pointing

The lime pointing should not be left with a smooth trowel finish. After leaving the pointing 12 - 24 hours to harden, take a churn brush and beat the pointing firmly, this will seal and srinkage cracks and open the surface of the pointing allow it to carbonate.

Pointing churn brushes are also great for cleaning down tools at the end of the day!!

The nylon brushes are designed for contractors, due to the harder wearing properities of the materials used in the churn brush.

Brush Length: 10 1/2"   270mm

Bristle Length: 3 1/4"   80mm


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