Calbux 90 Quicklime (high reactivity)
  • Calbux 90 Quicklime (high reactivity)
  • Calbux 90 Quicklime (high reactivity)
  • Calbux 90 Quicklime (high reactivity)

Calbux 90 Quicklime (high reactivity)

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Fine ground high reactivity calcium oxide quicklime for use in hot lime works.

Supplied in 25kg bags

Calbux 90 Quicklime is in stock

Calbux 90 Quicklime Calcium Oxide


Calbux 90 quicklime is a fine ground high reactivity calcium oxide, which we supply in 25kg bags. (collection only)

In the process pure limestone taken from the ground as calcium carbonate, then burnt in a kiln at approximately 850 degrees Celsius to create calcium oxide.

The calcium oxide is then crushed into 15mm granuals and under and is ready to be slaked.

Calcium oxide - quicklime is regulary used in hot lime works and for building restoration uses.

When using any lime products, ensure correct  coverall PPE is used.

We supply the Calbux 90 Quicklime in 25kg bags for collection only - Please call for specific requirements - 01282 431155

Please see the attached Calbux data sheet for more technical information on Calbux 90 quicklime.

We are Lancashire Stockists of Calbux 90


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Calcium Oxide safety data sheet

Calcium Oxide safety data sheet

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